Information for students and expats of Maastricht and surrounding area

The Huisartsenpost Maastricht & Heuvelland (Maastricht & Heuvelland Medical Post) is set up for people who need urgent medical attention outside of regular doctors’ office hours. The Huisartsenpost is also available to patients who are temporarily residing within the care radius of the Huisartsenpost.

Do you need medical attention during office hours, but don’t have a Family Doctor in the area?

We strongly advise you to register with a Family Doctor in your neighbourhood. Click here to find a Family Doctor in your neighbourhood. You can then call the Family Doctor’s office and make an appointment to be seen by a Family Doctor. If necessary this Family Doctor can refer you to the hospital.

Do you need emergency attention outside of regular office hours?

Call the Huisartsenpost Maastricht & Heuvelland:  043 387 77 77.

Have your personal information ready. The doctor’s assistant will ask for the following details:                                               

  • Your name, address, date of birth and a telephone number where you can be reached
  • Information about your health insurance
  • Personal identification
  • The names of any medication you are using.

If you have an appointment to be seen at the Huisartsenpost, you need to bring with you:

  • Personal identification
  • Details about your health insurance
  • Payment (in cash or with a credit or debit card). You will be provided a receipt as proof of payment if you pay in cash.


Huisartsenpost Maastricht & Heuvelland
P. Debyelaan 25
6229 HX Maastricht

The Huisartsenpost Maastricht & Heuvelland is located next to the Emergency Room (Spoedeisende Hulp) of Maastricht University Hospital (azM). Follow the traffic signs to ‘azM Spoedeisende Hulp’.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday From 5 p.m. to 8.00 a.m.
Weekend From Friday 5 p.m. to Monday 8.00 a.m.
Holidays Open 24 hours