Advice regarding the coronavirus in the interest of yourself and your environment 

Do not hesitate to call us with medical care questions, but DO NOT come to the GP medical post or the hospital. We try to handle medical care requests as much as possible by telephone. The following also applies to all health care questions concerning fever and/or respiratory complaints: DO NOT COME TO THE GP MEDICAL POST OR THE HOSPITAL, but call us.

Do you have no health problems, but questions about the coronavirus? Contact the national Corona information line 0800-1351 or consult

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If the GP on duty has prescribed medicines, you can pick them up at a local out-of-hours pharmacy or at this pharmacy that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Apotheek Maastricht UMC+ at Maastricht University Hospital
This pharmacy is located on Level 1 of Maastricht University Hospital near the West main entrance (near the bus stop).

Your own pharmacy can provide you with information about a local out-of-office pharmacy.

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