Video calling as an extra tool for triage

If you call us, we will ask a number of questions to find out how urgent your complaint is. We call this triage. In some cases, such as with external injuries, it can be useful if the triagist has a picture of the injury or of the situation you are in. That is why it has recently become possible to have video contact during the telephone conversation. This requires a smartphone or tablet with camera function. The image connection between you and the triagist is then easily established. If necessary, the triagist can ask the doctor on duty to watch. The use of video calling provides additional possibilities to provide you with good treatment advice and it can prevent a visit to the general practitioner.

A remote consultation will be charged for video calling. Rates:

Attention: scams over the phone!

People are currently being called via a 06-number by someone who says he is from the administration of our GP medical post. You will be asked for your social security number. Never respond to this! We do not call you with a 06-number and we only ask for your BSN number if you contact the GP medical post yourself.

Fee for remote consultation

The corona crisis has consequences for the way we provide emergency GP care. In the past year we have been able to provide more and more remote care. A remote consultation is with the intervention of a general practitioner and takes place by telephone. Digitization of healthcare makes this possible. Consider sending a photo, assessing it by the doctor and then receiving treatment advice. You may also be in contact via video calling. There does not always have to be physical contact with the doctor. The same rate is therefore charged for this "remote consultation" as for a consultation at the GP post.

The following rates apply from 1 January 2021:
Triage consultation                 € 35, -
Consultation at the GP post € 112,24
Remote consultation              € 112,24
Visit at home by GP                 € 168,37

How do we ensure safe care?

In order to ensure that our medical care for you and our employees proceeds safely, please draw your attention to the following safety measures and rules of conduct.

If you call the GP medical post
• Only call us in case of emergency and do not come to the GP medical post without an appointment.
• Have you been tested by the GGD and/or in quarantine? Report this to the doctor's assistant.
• In consultation with the doctor's assistant you can send a photo of your condition. The GP assesses the necessary follow-up steps on the basis of this photo.
• In some cases video calling with the GP is possible. The doctor's assistant will arrange this.

If you visit the GP medical post

  • We urge you to wear a non-medical mouth mask when visiting the GP post. This applies to persons from the age of 13.
  • Come to the GP medical post at the agreed time and not too early. There is a limited number of seats in our waiting room.
  • If possible, come only to the GP medical post, if necessary ask your companion to wait in the car. There is a limited number of seats in our waiting room.
  • Disinfect your hands upon entering the GP medical post.
  • Patients with Covid-19 complaints are kept separate from people without such complaints.
  • The 1.5 meter rule is used in our GP medical post.
  • There is a plexiglass screen on the doctor's desk for protection.
  • If necessary, the doctor and doctor's assistant wear mouth masks.

If the GP visits you at your home
• If necessary, the GP and driver wear protective clothing.

Would you like to know what our waiting room looks like? Click here.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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