Rates                    2023         2023

                                             from 1-3 to 1-5          from 1-5

Triage consultation                   € 35, -                   € 35,-
Consultation at the GP post   € 138,23                € 159,39
Remote consultation                € 138,23                € 159,39
Visit at home by GP                   € 207,35               € 239,09

How to pay
The rates set out above apply from 6:00 PM to 8:00 AM and all day and night at weekends and on public holidays. The rates are determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit).

1. If you have an health insurance

The triage consultation, the remote consultation, the consultation at the GP Medical Post, and the home visit are all charged for. If possible, we can use your health insurance details and send the invoice directly to your health insurance provider. You then do not need to deal with the costs yourself.

Please ensure that you have the correct address and telephone details when contacting the GP Medical Post so that we can send the invoice directly to your health insurer.

2. If you don't have health insurance or we don't have your health insurance details

If we do not have your insurance details, you will need to pay for the consultation or treatment in cash or with a debit card at the GP Medical Post. If payment is made in cash, the amount will be rounded off to the nearest €0.05. You will receive a receipt, which you can send to your insurance provider.

The costs of a consultation as mentioned above or a home visit are charged for by means of an invoice that we send to the home address known to us. If we do not receive a response to our invoice or reminder invoice, we will engage a debt collection agency to collect the invoice by tracing your correct address details on the basis of your telephone number. In this case, a minimun of €50,- of collection charges will be added to the invoice.

To avoid collection charges, please ensure that you have the correct address and telephone details when contacting the GP Medical Post. You can send us your correct address details via e-mail: admin@hapmaastricht.nl. Questions about your invoice? Send a message to admin@hapmaastricht.nl and state the invoice and the debtor number.

If a patient does not appear for the consultation, a triage consultation will be charged.

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